Shane and Mike return From A long Hiatus to Give Shoutouts to other Podcasters, Tell You What We’ve Been Up To and Of course Chat BEETLEJUICE! Follow on Social Media @podinthewoods
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90’s HORROR SHOW – #5 – SCREAM (1996)

This Month on 90’s Horror Show: Shane and Joe Return to discuss SCREAM (1996) in honor of the 20 year Anniversary or something. They also chat other things from the 90’s, including a few references to the sequels, and Shane compares elements of the SCREAM franchise with elements of the HALLOWEEN franchise. Other than that they both sound like Wes Carpenter freaks. Keep Supporting #horror
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PITW – EP 105 – THE BOY (2016)

Shane Grey and Horror Mike Return to Discuss THE BOY (2016), Starring Maggie from THE WALKING DEAD. They Also Use Film Comparisons to Break Down the Numerous Homages Throughout the Film and Other Stuff! Keep Supporting #Horror and Tell A Ghoul About Our Show! Keep It Creepy!
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